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In a modern world, hospitality managers need a stable network of functional applications, which also need to be cost-efficient and flexible, to enable continuous advancement. Today complex IT-infrastructures inhibits that. The conclusion - you need a modern hospitality platform.

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Days of stress free IT-structure. Forget integration dilemmas.


Applications today, thousands tomorrow, ready to launch - instantly


Integration needed, infinite innovations.


App Developers pushing 3-rd party innovations

First Scalable platform for hotels to access best-of-bread 3rd party products without multiple integrations


Designed to Seize Business Opportunities

Select Your Room

  • Optimized Occupation Ratio
  • Up-Sales
  • Convenience for Your Customers
  • Streamline Processes

This function is going to be your next cash cow, and will increase your customer satisfaction. By integrating this function to your platform, your guests will be able to choose a specific room for their stay.You do not need to worry about occupation rate, neither integration problems. We set up the system to work seamless with your other systems. The costumer chooses a room, according to the rules you specify, and your staff will see the room reservation though your PMS-system. No manual work, no hassle - only more revenue and better customer experience.

Food & Beverage

  • Convinience
  • Increase Efficiency & Cut Costs
  • Maximize Sales
  • Better Costumer Service

Consumers buy what they can see. We are certain that your hotel offers both fine tasting and valuable food and beverages, but does your guest know? The FnB-function maximizes your sales. We eliminate the language barrier, we eliminate value creating time and we create efficient businesses. Costumers view the menu in their phone, in their preferred language. When they order, they pay through their phone, via card or cash upon pick up/delivery or by putting it on the room. Your staff receive an order as soon as it´s placed in their preferred language, and they will know exactly how to locate the costumer. The service may be used in the restaurant, around the pool area or as room service. The possibilities are limitless.


  • Prevent Costumers Nightmares
  • Additional Revenue
  • Convinience for Your Customers
  • No Additional Work

Around the internet, the notorious "Sunbed War" is a well mentioned problem on vacations. This function lets you organize that chaos, prevent frustrated guests and increase your revenue. The hotel guest can through an interface reserve their sunbed for the day or days to come at a price set by you. Everything is dynamic and you can change every setting in a very intuitive way in the admin-interface. To optimize your operations, the staff cleaning the pool area in the morning/evening simply check the bookings and put "reservation-signs" on the pre-booked sunbeds. No extra time added, only better customer satisfaction and an additional revenue source for you.


  • Increase Exposure
  • Maximize Sales
  • Costumer Lock-In
  • Happier Costumers

With the developing technology, everything is possible. You probably offer your guests some additional activities to enhance their vacation experience. You can now, as explained in the FnB-section, display your offering digitally. Do you think that your sales of, for example, massages would increase if all your customers knew you offered it? We don't think so - We know so. The activity section doesn´t stop there, we also offer games and activities digitally for kids. Everything is designed to both increase sales and optimize customer experience.

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